Ouch! The worst foods for your teeth

worst foods

What are the worst foods for your teeth? We know about the real nasties – super chewy lollies. Those sugar laden treats can pull a filling right out of the tooth if you are unlucky enough. It may seem like having common sense with regards to your teeth and their health is enough to keep Read More

Tips on choosing a new dentist.

If you aren’t comfortable with the person taking care of your teeth chances are heading to the dentist for regular check ups is going to become something you put off for as long as you can. While this holds of the problem in the short term, you are delaying the inevitable and potentially causing harm Read More

Warning signs for needing a filling.


Catching a tooth that needs a filling early can save you a lot of time and money. The filling itself is basically a ‘plug’ for a decaying tooth, so regular check ups with your dentist can locate and target areas that are in the early stages of erosion. It’s important to be aware of the Read More

Be the perfect patient.

perfect patient

We would hazard a guess that almost all dental patients get pre-visit guilt. What is pre-visit guilt? pre-visit guilt ‘preeʃ(vi)z(ee)t/gi(L)t’ verb a feeling that occurs in dental patients (typically the night before) as the direct result of not having taken correct care of their teeth prior to the appointment. “I’m embarrassed to go to see Read More

Are you anxious about your next treatment?

anxious about dentist

Anxiety is a difficult feeling to express. In moments of anger or fear those around us are almost immediately able to identify and accept what we are projecting out to the world. Anxiety is a much more internal process, often focussed on ‘What if’s’ – thoughts that are often not fully formed though can nonetheless Read More

What’s in a smile?


There is nothing more inviting that a gorgeous, natural looking smile. It conveys health, happiness, and seems to elevate our own mood just by being in its presence. Malcolm Gladwell, the writer behind David and Goliath, says teeth are becoming the new benchmark of inequality. According to the writer, those with bad teeth are also Read More

Tips to help with bad breath.

bad breath

We have all experienced the horror of finding out too late that we’ve been out and about, shaking hands and kissing babies with a mouth that smells like we’ve been sucking on a clove of garlic for a month. It’s the worst! Here are some tips on how to avoid being pungent in public. 1: Read More

Brushing teeth. Are you doing it right?

brushing teeth

An iconic moment in any child’s life is the time when your parent teaches you about brushing teeth. Like learning how to brush your hair, ride a bike, and tie your own shoe laces, dental hygiene is an imperative part of the knowledge passed from one generation to another. Unlike brushing your hair or tying your shoes, Read More

Bracing your child for braces.


The tween and teenage years can be some of the most harrowing for both kids and their parents. Hormones, friendship group changes, and the beginning of dating can have a profound effect on the family dynamic.  The day when your child receives the news that they are going to get fitted with braces will highlight Read More

What is ‘Sleep Dentistry’?

sleep dentistry

For some people a visit to the dentist is as easy and commonplace as going to the hairdresser, or for your annual skin cancer check up. There are, though, pockets of people for whom the dental experience is one that fills them with so much anxiety and dread that they would just prefer to suffer Read More