How do I know which toothpaste to use?


Your choice of toothpaste will depend on your current dental status and needs. The following information aims to help you identify the appropriate toothpaste to use. Your hygienist or dentist can further help you choose a suitable toothpaste and provide you with information to ensure optimum oral hygiene. Fluoride toothpaste The decline in the prevalence Read More

Who is sleep dentistry suitable for?

sleep dentistry

First, let’s start off with answering the question of what sleep dentistry is. Sleep dentistry, also know as sedation dentistry, is a method of sedation that allows patients to receive dental treatment in a comfortable way. It induces a drowsy dreamlike state, making patients more relaxed and generally with no memory of the procedure afterwards. Read More

What’s involved in a tooth extraction procedure?

tooth extraction

Removing a tooth can sometimes be a confronting experience for patients, however the majority of the time it is a relatively straightforward procedure. Your dentist will assess your medical history, the tooth that needs to be extracted and the surrounding structures to determine the complexity of the extraction. If the tooth extraction is simple it Read More

What does treatment of gum disease involve?

gum disease

So what does the treatment of gum disease involve? Firstly, by being made aware that gum disease is present with a definitive diagnosis and education provided to you by your dental health professional. In many cases gum disease remains un-detected, as there is generally minimal to no pain associated. Gum disease is largely preventable and Read More

How do I know if I need a filling?


Before answering this question, we should know what a filling is. A filling is the procedure used to place in a tooth a material with properties similar to the natural tooth structure. It is needed when part of the original structure has been lost due to causes such as tooth decay or trauma. Tooth decay Read More