Why does my tooth hurt?

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There are many reasons for your tooth hurt. You might experience unpleasant sensations from your teeth. Some of these may be sensitivity, pain or aches from weakened teeth, receding gums, cracks, fractures, decay, infection, cavities (holes) or trauma. Symptoms may manifest as sensitivity, sharp pains or dull aches. These may be transient and in response Read More

How will I know if I need my wisdom teeth removed?

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One of the most common dental procedures is the removal of problematic, or potentially problematic, wisdom teeth. In order to make an informed decision about whether you need this treatment, it helps first to know what to look out for and secondly to understand the reasoning behind any treatment decision. Signs that you may need Read More

Can you reverse tooth decay?


In short, yes. Tooth decay can be stopped or reversed – but only if you catch it in the early stages and the decay has not yet reached the dentine, which is the bony tissue beneath a tooth’s enamel. The process of tooth decay Tooth decay occurs over a period of time, whenever the oral Read More