What to expect from a root canal

root canal

Root canal treatment – or just “root canal”; or, as we dentists call it, endodontic treatment – is a procedure used to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed. It is usually carried out on teeth that are severely decayed or broken or are infected – conditions that cause the patient to Read More

What is root canal therapy and why do I need it?

root canal

When dental decay is deep, it can cause inflammation of the nerve (pulp) inside the tooth. Bacteria can also invade the nerve, causing an infection. When this happens, possible signs and symptoms include pain in response to heat and pressure; intraoral abscess; and/or facial swelling. Nerve infection can also occur after an impact has caused Read More

Dental implants or root canal treatment: Which is better?

root canal

Sometimes a tooth becomes infected, inflamed and painful and requires root canal treatment to solve the pain and infection and save the tooth. I am often asked, “Why not just get rid of this tooth and get an implant?” Both root canal procedures and conventional implants have their place in addressing the issue of a Read More

What can I eat or drink after root canal treatment?

root canal

After a lengthy root canal treatment many patients may feel hungry or thirsty or in need of tea or a coffee. But before you go out to “refuel”, here are some things to consider… What can I eat or drink immediately after my root canal treatment? The main consideration here is the fact that your mouth will Read More

About Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy and what are the advantages of this treatment?  To answer these questions, it’s best to start with a quick review of the anatomy of a tooth. The tooth is composed of: Enamel – the outer layer of the tooth Dentine – the major part of the tooth underneath the enamel and forms Dental pulp – the Read More