A healthier smile for life

It has often been said prevention is better than cure and prevention of dental problems is no exception to this adage. Achieving and maintaining a healthy smile can have a significant financial benefit particularly when you compare the minor cost of a regular checkup and clean with more expensive restorative options such as crownsbridges and implant-retained dentures.

In addition, good dental health is an important component in our overall health and wellbeing. There have even been studies linking gum health with cardiovascular health, although the link isn’t necessarily causal. One thing we can be sure of is our dental health, much like our general health, needs to be actively maintained. This means finding time in our busy lives to look after our teeth, gums and the jaw and temporomandibular joints – all with the aim of preventing unnecessary complications down the track.

You can find out more about Core Dental Group’s preventative services here:

Make my smile… Healthier

  • Checkups
    A thorough assessment of your whole mouth, X-rays, photos, written quote.
  • Dental hygiene
    Scale and clean, oral hygiene instruction, perio (deep) cleaning.
  • Children’s dentistry
    with our gentle general dentists or our specialist paediatric dentist.
  • Fillings
    Your choice of white fillings (composite material) or amalgam.

Or you can simply call us to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly practitioners. They will conduct a thorough assessment of your dental history and current oral health and will also take the time to understand your desired outcomes, treatment preferences and budget.

From there, a treatment plan can be tailored to your individual goals and circumstances, giving you choice and the peace of mind that comes with firm costs.

Let Core Dental Group help you realise your dream of a healthier smile.