Solutions for straighter teeth

The advantages of a straighter smile are not just aesthetic – although it would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t want a more confident smile!

The fact is a straighter smile is better for you – in terms of chewing function as well as proper alignment of your teeth to avoid wear and tear. Whether you’re interested in traditional orthodontic braces or the revolutionary Invisalign solution, the Core Dental network of practices can help you improve the alignment of your teeth.

You can find out more about our solutions for straighter teeth here:

Make my smile…  Straighter

In some cases, cosmetic treatment options such as veneers and crowns can be an alternative to braces, as described here:

Make my smile… Beautiful

  • Veneers
    Cosmetically lengthen, widen, straighten and strengthen a tooth.
  • Crowns
    Cosmetically lengthen, widen, straighten and strengthen a tooth.

Or you can simply call us to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly practitioners. They will conduct a thorough assessment of your dental history and current oral health and will also take the time to understand your desired outcomes, treatment preferences and budget.

From there, a treatment plan can be tailored to your individual goals and circumstances, giving you choice and the peace of mind that comes with firm costs.

Let Core Dental Group help you realise your dream of a straighter smile.