Chatelle Wehi

Dental Hygienist and Therapist BOH (La Trobe) Chatelle Wehi

Chatelle Wehi graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health Sciences from La Trobe University in 2011. As a hygienist and dental therapist, Chatelle works with general dentists and specialist periodontists to maintain and improve the oral health of her patients by providing an excellent and caring service. She also works alongside specialist orthodontists, assisting with the delivery and maintenance of orthodontic treatments such as fixed braces and Invisalign. She is passionate about prevention of dental problems through effective education.

Chatelle understands that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist. She therefore makes an effort to create a positive, comfortable and enjoyable experience in the dental chair for all of her patients.

In her role as a dental therapist Chatelle works with a specialist paediatric dentist to provide a fun and easy dental experience for kids. She uses stories and games to keep the children engaged throughout their treatment and she also believes it is important to communicate well with kids and their parents to ensure good ongoing oral health during children’s formative years.

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