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Can you help with my smile design?

In the ever-changing, digitally enhanced world in which we live today, dentists and patients alike have come to realise that designing the perfect smile is about more than just changing tooth colour and shape.

We need to incorporate in the process gum lines, eyes, lips and surrounding soft tissue to ensure that your smile makeover is exactly what you are after.

So yes, we certainly can help you with your smile design!

Nowadays digital technology allows both the clinician and the patient to work conjointly on a smile design. In a single visit, a practitioner will take several facial photographs – or even video, if required – and a set of dental moulds. Next, the appropriate records are sent to a team of smile designers. These designers use all of the latest technologies, algorithms and literature to design the ideal smile, including cosmetic teeth. Their design is then digitally transferred to your particular oral shape and size, taking into account all facets of dentistry, to end up with a tailor-made smile.

Once the ultimate design is achieved, we can reveal it not only in a virtual digital image but also in a physical manifestation of what the final result may look like. Your input at this stage is vital, too. We have found that including you in the design process greatly increases the “wow” factor in the final result – not just for you but for all of your admirers! And we can achieve all of this without actually doing anything to your existing tooth structure.

From my point of view, working with patients on a smile makeover that results in their ideal smile is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences in dentistry. I hope to see you soon at a Core Dental practice.

COVID-19 Information