How can I relieve TMJ Pain?

TMJ pain

The temporomandibular joints, or TMJ, are the joints that connect your jaw to your skull on either side of the face. They act like sliding hinges to create movements of the jaw – such as opening, closing, moving from side to side, and moving backwards and forwards. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, occurs when problems Read More

What can I expect during oral surgery recovery?

oral surgery recovery

Have you just experienced oral surgery? Follow our advice guide to your post-oral surgery recovery so you know what to expect. Pain relief following your oral surgery recovery Individual requirements for pain relief for oral surgery recovery will vary significantly. Regular use of pain relief medication is recommended for the first one to two days and is best Read More

Jaw pain: What is causing it?

Jaw pain what is causing it

Jaw pain may be related to a condition called temporomandibular dysfunction, or TMD. The temporomandibular  joint (TMJ) is situated just in front of and below your ear. It is where the mandible (lower jaw) and the temporal bones of the skull meet. We have two temporomandibular joints – one on either side of our skull. Because Read More

I have been told I require jaw surgery to correct my overbite. What can I expect?

jaw surgery

Is having straight teeth important? Put simply, yes; there are both aesthetic and functional benefits associated with having a “good bite.” The technical term for this is occlusion, which refers to the contact between the teeth as they bite together. Malocclusion, also known as “bad bite” may be caused by crooked teeth, extra teeth, crowding Read More