What are Fillings and Restorations?

Fillings or restorations are treatments designed to rebuild a damaged tooth. It is an alternative to a crown or onlay.

Teeth can wear for several reasons, such as grinding at night or imperfect alignment of the jaw. They may be chipped through accidental trauma or weakened by decay or root canal therapy. Rebuilding worn or chipped teeth can be important for chewing, maintaining jaw health and preventing further wear and tear.

The material used for fillings can be either composite (white) or amalgam (silver/grey). The choice depends on your needs and budget and takes into account aesthetic considerations, strength requirements and the amount of remaining tooth structure. Treatment with composite is also an opportunity to cosmetically lengthen, widen, straighten or whiten a tooth.

So as to achieve long-lasting results, at Core Dental Group we use only top-quality filling materials and we don’t rush any treatment.

Is a restoration suitable for you?

Restorations are a solution to fill a cavity (or hole in a tooth), protect a damaged tooth or rebuild a chipped tooth. Fillings are most suitable for correcting mild to moderate problems.

For best results, they do need a significant amount of healthy tooth to adhere to. Fillings are very suitable for younger patients because hardly any preparation, or shaving back, of the underlying tooth is required. They are a great option where function is more important than form (for example, back teeth). They represent excellent value for money, costing much less than a crown or onlay.

While relatively strong and long-lasting, restorations cannot achieve the strength of a crown and your dentist will keep this in mind when recommending treatment. Furthermore, fillings are not as aesthetically appealing as crowns or veneers, which sometimes makes them unsuitable for the front teeth.

What’s the procedure for treatment?

The treatment process for a filling is:

  1. Preparation of the underlying tooth, so the filling material will adhere effectively.
  2. Application of the filling material in layers and in the case of a composite (white) filling, curing (hardening under an LED light).
  3. Repetition of the above steps until the desired shape is achieved.

Your dentist will check your new filling is contacting the surrounding teeth comfortably and will make any necessary adjustments, ensuring you’ll be able to brush and floss as usual.

For the back teeth (molars), we will build up the corners to recreate the natural shape of the tooth. This process is known as cusp capping and helps greatly with chewing.

The Core Dental Group difference

Book a full check-up with Core Dental Group today

A full checkup with one of our friendly dentists involves a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums. It generally takes between 30 minutes and an hour. We offer a package for $95 that includes a comprehensive exam (item 011) as many X-rays as required (item 022), clinical photographs if desired (item 072 and/or 073) and a written treatment plan detailing all item numbers and costs.

In more complex cases, we’ll present the treatment plan at a subsequent free consultation.