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What maintenance is involved in having dentures?

With dentures cost can be an issue. That’s why maintenance is important – not only as a matter of oral hygiene but also as a safeguard against the possible need for untimely denture repairs.

There are two types of maintenance: everyday maintenance and long-term maintenance.

Everyday maintenance of your dentures

This routine involves removing your dentures before going to bed every night.

In addition, dentures must be cleaned every day, just like natural teeth. The best way to clean them is to use some non-abrasive toothpaste with either a denture brush or a soft toothbrush. The key to effective daily cleaning is not to scrub but to lightly brush; this will help prevent erosion over time.

Overnight, the appliance is to be stored in a denture bath, submerged in clean water. Every one to two days, you should add a denture cleanser or cleaning tablet to the water to help kill bacteria.

If you don’t clean the appliance properly, plaque will gradually build up and can only be removed with a professional clean by your denture specialist.

Long-term maintenance of your dentures

Over time all dentures will wear down, and this can affect your speech, appearance and chewing ability. The Australian Dental Association recommends that denture repairs (known as a reline) take place every two years and that a new set is made every six to eight years. It is recommended that you see a denture specialist for both of these treatments.

A reline is necessary when only the fit needs to be improved – usually because your gums have shrunk, which is a natural ageing process. A reline can also replace an old, cracked acrylic base with new acrylic that is stronger than was previously used. The reline will not change the aesthetics or occlusion (bite) of your appliance.

At Core Dental we offer premium dentures made of a material that is stronger, longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional equivalent, meaning that your dentures cost less over a lifetime.

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