Core Dental Teeth Whitening $350

Core Dental* is offering professional, in chair teeth whitening for the unbeatable price of $350 for the month of January.

Teeth whitening is the simplest cosmetic dental treatment and now, thanks to Core Dental’s new teeth whitening special, it is also the most affordable. For a limited time, you can book an appointment at Core Dental Caroline Springs, Carrum Downs, Epping and Wyndham and receive in chair Zoom! whitening for the low price of $350.

Teeth can become stained or discoloured through consumption of dark, staining food and drink (think coffee, red wine and berries), smoking or the use of certain prescription medications. The solution is professional, in chair teeth whitening.

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The benefits of professional whitening

  • Immediacy. Zoom! in chair whitening is the fastest whitening option available.
  • Safety. Dentists operate in a highly regulated environment & their detailed knowledge of whitening treatments minimises the likelihood of side-effects.
  • More pronounced results. Dentists have access to the most sophisticated equipment & the highest concentrations of active ingredients in whitening products.

cheap teeth whitening teeth whitening special

The procedure for Zoom! teeth whitening

At Core Dental, Zoom! teeth whitening is carried out by a qualified professional and the process lasts about 90 minutes.

We take three important steps to ensure you get the best possible results from this procedure.

  1. We start with a brief checkup to ascertain whether Zoom! teeth whitening will be a safe and effective option for you. In most cases it is.
  2. Next, we perform a scale and clean of your teeth to remove superficial staining and ultimately enhance the effect of Zoom! treatment.
  3. Finally, we protect your gums, then we apply a gel to your teeth. We use an ultraviolet Zoom! lamp to active the gel, causing the whitening effect.

With Zoom! teeth whitening, you can expect immediate results. Every thing is taken care of for you – including the price – so you can sit back, relax, and have whiter teeth in time for the weekend. 

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 *Offer is available at Core Dental Caroline Springs, Carrum Downs, Epping and Wyndham only.