4 Steps to a Great Smile!

A smile can say a thousand words, so putting your best beam forward can mean the difference between being the next employee of the month, or falling short due to a ‘lack of enthusiasm’. If you feel like your smile has been letting you down, we’ve put together these awesome steps on how to get a great smile to set you up for success when you next need your pearly whites to put on a megawatt show!

Step 1 – Practice in the mirror

If you are worried about amping up your smile to the point where it will seem less than genuine (not the desired effect at all!) start your daily routine by doing some smiling practice in the mirror. We suggest thinking about someone you love dearly and giving a nice, natural grin into the mirror. Take note of how your face feels and the position of your jaw and mouth at this time so you can refer back to it during smile training.

Step 2 – Give a little whistle

Well, give a little whistle without the actual ‘whistle’ part or your might drive your housemates or loved ones to distraction. To strengthen your smile pull your lips into the position you use to begin a whistle and flex this motion to and fro (from an open, relaxed mouth to pre-whistle) 10 times a day, every day of the week.

Step 3 – Get a little cheeky

Now it’s time to strengthen your cheek muscles by stretching your face into a wide smile 20 times per day, every day. This will give your cheeks a solid work out and make them ready to host your new and improved smile.

Step 4 – Keep it fresh

All of this practice and movement is going to mean your skin is getting a real workout along with your cheek muscles and jaw. In order to make sure that it is supple and strong, make sure to moisturise after each round of exercises. Great for your smile, and great for your skin!

If you want to learn more tips on how to be the best grinner on the block, head to a Core Dental practice near you and chat with one of our team members.