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Help! My kid is frightened of the Dentist.

If your child has a sore tooth, and they are shrieking like a banshee at the thought of going to the Dentist, these Tips on how to keep your child calm at the Dentist could be the most important thing you read today!

TIP 1 Introduce your child to their toothbrush early.
Buying a fun and colourful toothbrush with nice soft bristles will make tooth-time a little more fun. You could even seek out a toothbrush that has a likeness of one of your child’s favourite cartoon characters on it.

TIP 2 Join in with your child.

Grab your own toothbrush and stand at the sink with your little one and brush your teeth with them. By showing them you are having fun brushing your own teeth (you might have to play up the actual ‘fun’ part a little) you will reinforce the message that it’s not a chore.

TIP 3 Integrate the Dentist into play time.

By finding a book that features a happy and helpful Dentist, you can begin to work trips to the Surgery into part of much loved playtime. Head to your local bookshop and ask them for the kids book section. Most retailers will also order you in books so have a look online and you may find something that will suit your child’s particular interests.

TIP 4 Don’t over explain.

As with most things, kids should be kept on a strictly need-to-know basis when it comes to their upcoming Dental appointment. The details of their visit are best left to be discovered when they arrive (especially if it’s their first time).

TIP 5 Drop in and say ‘Hi’ to the team.

If you’ve got a particularly Nervous Nelly on your hands, and you have some spare time in the day drop by Core Dental and introduce your child to the team. They will almostly certainly feel comforted by our lovely bevy of support and Dental staff whose main aim is to create a calm and happy environment for your child.

TIP 6 Keep the car ride calm.

The long car ride to a dental appointment can be fraught with tantrums and upheaval, so we suggest that you overcompensate when getting the car prepared. Make sure they have their favourite toys, books, and other devices of distraction so you can have optimum chance of all getting to us coo, calm, and collected.

For more advice on Kid’s Dentistry head here.

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