The best electric toothbrush: Our top 5 picks

best electric toothbrush

There are so many choices for your teeth when it comes to choosing the best electric toothbrush so we have put together a buyer’s guide that will help you make the choice that much easier.

Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Bluetooth

“I loved this electric toothbrush and it made brushing an engaging 21st century experience with all of the Smart technology that my generation knows and loves. At just under $500 I can understand why some find this a high price to pay for a toothbrush but for me, the Oral B Pro 6500 is a toothbrush like no other and it really has transformed the way I look at oral hygiene.” – Sloan Magazine

Philips Sonicare HX9172/10 FlexCare

“It’s a very easy brush to use – simply hold it like a manual toothbrush and brush the teeth very gently from side to side. The longer bristles reach inbetween teeth very effectively, loosen plaque and blast it away. It’s a very gentle method which doesn’t involve any aggressive or heavy-duty brushing and I found it more gentle than a rotary brush. The ergonomic shape is very good – the long–stemmed small, slim brush head easily finds hard to reach areas making it very comfortable even for a smaller mouth and no gag-reflex when reaching deep into the back of the mouth.” –

Philips Diamond Clean Rechargeable sonic

“I have used a Braun OralB toothbrush for many years but decided to try the Philips because if its better travel case/charger and the lithium ion battery. Both the case and the battery failed on my last Braun after only a few months. I’m really happy with the Philips so far. Love the ultrasonic cleaning action, it makes your teeth and gums feel very clean and healthy without the harsh scrubbing feel that I got from the oscillating action on the OralB.”

Oral-B Trizone 5000

“They main selling point of the toothbrush is that you don’t need to alter your technique* if you are used to using a manual toothbrush. The majority of other electric toothbrushes require a different technique, which may take some getting used to. Some newer toothbrushes (like the Emmi-dent ultrasonic model) use a very different action to manual toothbrushes and as such need to be used totally differently.

Philips AirFloss Interdental

“As a registered dental hygienist I highly recommend this product. I always recommend brushing and flossing to my patients but we know not everyone has the dexterity to use floss. This product is very simple to use and has great cleaning ability. Whether you use water or mouthwash in the unit the microburst spray are really effective in removing food and break up the biofilm of plaque. I love that you are not locked into standing over the sink with water dripping all over. Since there is very little water and just the actual burst allows you to use it anywhere in the house. Makes it easy to use. I am recommending this product to all my patients. Job well done Phillips!!”