Why would I need dental veneers?

Why would I need dental veneers?

Your smile is often seen as the gateway to your personality. If you have ever considered improving your smile, dental veneers can be a great solution for you. What are the different types of dental veneers? Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin which your dentist adheres to the front surfaces of Read More

Composite versus Porcelain Veneers

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In our modern society dental veneers have increased greatly in popularity. It seems that everyone is talking about them, and we dentists have seen a huge rise in enquiries about them. Initially veneers were used to mask discoloured teeth but recently they have been used more and more to improve the shape and size of Read More

How long do porcelain veneers last?

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In cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers are an excellent treatment that can conservatively and inconspicuously augment your teeth’s shape, length, texture, colour, brightness, proportions – or any combination of these – to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. In the right candidate, veneers can last for decades without wear or damage. Like natural teeth, though, porcelain Read More

What are the differences between porcelain veneers and composite veneers?

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When it comes to our teeth, multiple factors throughout a lifetime can cause blemishes, faults and discolouration of varying degrees. Changes in tooth appearance can be due to: genetics – Gaps, teeth misalignments and dental irregularities may be inherited. lifestyle choices – Coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and some foods can stain teeth over time. Read More

Can you help with my smile design?

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In the ever-changing, digitally enhanced world in which we live today, dentists and patients alike have come to realise that designing the perfect smile is about more than just changing tooth colour and shape. We need to incorporate in the process gum lines, eyes, lips and surrounding soft tissue to ensure that your smile makeover Read More

What maintenance is involved in having dentures?

What maintenance is involved in having dentures?

With dentures cost can be an issue. That’s why maintenance is important – not only as a matter of oral hygiene but also as a safeguard against the possible need for untimely denture repairs. There are two types of maintenance: everyday maintenance and long-term maintenance. Everyday maintenance of your dentures This routine involves removing your Read More

Why are crooked teeth a problem?

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Many Australians have crooked teeth, also known as malocclusion. Common types of misaligned teeth include crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, crossbite, excessive overbite, and edge-to-edge bite. Crooked teeth can affect your periodontal (gum) health, because it is difficult to remove plaque and bacteria from crowded areas. Bacteria that are not properly removed will multiply Read More

What should I know about dental crowns?

A dental crown (also known as a dental cap) is a restoration used in any one of three situations: to restore a tooth that has lost a lot of its structure, which means that a normal filling cannot be retained, alone, by the tooth to complete treatment of teeth that have undergone root canal treatment Read More

4 Steps to a Great Smile!

A smile can say a thousand words, so putting your best beam forward can mean the difference between being the next employee of the month, or falling short due to a ‘lack of enthusiasm’. If you feel like your smile has been letting you down, we’ve put together these awesome steps on how to get Read More