Who is sleep dentistry suitable for?

sleep dentistry

First, let’s start off with answering the question of what sleep dentistry is. Sleep dentistry, also know as sedation dentistry, is a method of sedation that allows patients to receive dental treatment in a comfortable way. It induces a drowsy dreamlike state, making patients more relaxed and generally with no memory of the procedure afterwards. Read More

What is ‘Sleep Dentistry’?

sleep dentistry

For some people a visit to the dentist is as easy and commonplace as going to the hairdresser, or for your annual skin cancer check up. There are, though, pockets of people for whom the dental experience is one that fills them with so much anxiety and dread that they would just prefer to suffer Read More

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

sedation dentistry

Why sedation? People are often a little apprehensive when they visit their dentist – and while most people overcome this fear, many do not. Dental phobia is extremely common but it no longer needs to be a barrier to dental treatment. Sedation dentistry, often misleadingly called “sleep dentistry”, makes patients feel more relaxed and at Read More