Solutions for comfortable treatment

The mouth is a highly sensitive part of the human body and we at Core Dental Group understand and respect this. Several dental conditions cause intense pain which cannot (and should not) be ignored. Whether you’re experiencing nerve pain, wisdom tooth pain or any other kind of toothache, you need treatment that is prompt, caring and effective.

We always reserve time slots in our daily schedule so we are available for emergency appointments every day.

Furthermore, our skilled clinicians are known for their caring approach to your needs and they only use non-invasive technology and preparations in a reassuring and comfortable environment.

Lastly, our pain relief combined with pain-free treatments guarantee you an effective solution to your dental emergency or other acute dental needs.

Don’t hesitate to call us at short notice if a dental emergency strikes or to schedule any other pain-relieving appointment in one of the following fields:

Make my smile… Comfortable

For anxious patients, we also offer sedation dentistry.

Let Core Dental Group introduce you to pain-free dentistry.