Be the perfect patient.

perfect patient

We would hazard a guess that almost all dental patients get pre-visit guilt. What is pre-visit guilt?

pre-visit guilt
a feeling that occurs in dental patients (typically the night before) as the direct result of not having taken correct care of their teeth prior to the appointment.
“I’m embarrassed to go to see the dentist tomorrow because I only brush my teeth at night and never floss”.

We have some great news for you on this front. We are onto you.

We know that most people forget to brush their teeth at times. We know that you often don’t floss. We also know that you probably drink way too much coffee for your teeth’s good.

It’s ok. There are things you can do to get ready for your appointment with us that will go a long way to making the experience much comfier for both sides of the chair.

1: Brush your teeth before you come to us.

2: Floss your teeth.

3: Use mouthwash before you come in if you are a smoker.

4: Try and steer clear of coffee and fizzy drink on the day you are coming in as they may make your teeth more sensitive.

5: Refrain from meals with gar­lic, fish and onion.

Keep these in mind when you head to the dentist and you’ll be the perfect patient!