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Permanent denture options – Pros & Cons

Dentures are an incredibly cost-effective approach to replacing missing teeth. Whether they are removable or fixed, they can restore the beauty and function of your teeth. In many cases however, removable dentures can start to loosen and shift over time leading to poor-fitting and wobbly dentures. This can lead to discomfort during eating or even speaking. In addition, wearing removable dentures for an extended period of time can contribute to jawbone resorption.

A more modern approach to dealing with the unpredictability of removable dentures, also known as conventional dentures, is the use of permanent dentures.

What are permanent dentures?

Otherwise known as fixed dentures, these devices consist of prosthetic teeth embedded in an acrylic framework and held into position by dental implants. Depending on the design, permanent dentures can be placed as an overdenture (fixed-removable option that is fitted over teeth or clicked into an implant) or fully fixed into an implant and is non-removeable.

What are the pros of a fixed-removable/overdenture option?

  • Less expensive option
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Less implants needed
  • Better fit and comfort than conventional dentures
  • Ability to hide jaw-bone deficiencies or tissue loss
  • Quicker turn around for replacement of many missing teeth in one treatment

What are the cons of a fixed-removable/overdenture option?

  • Attachments used to seat the denture can deteriorate with time and require regular replacement
  • Potential to wobble a little bit in the mouth
  • Removability can be undesirable for some patients

What are the pros of a fixed option?

  • Closer replication to natural teeth look and feel
  • Adequate turn around for replacement of many missing teeth in one treatment
  • No longer need to worry if denture will be displaced during eating or speaking
  • Better fit and comfort

What are the cons of a fixed option?

  • More difficulty in cleaning
  • Maintenance required to remove and clean regularly
  • More implants needed to be placed to support denture
  • More expensive option
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