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How to straighten teeth without braces

So you want straight teeth and the perfect smile? Don’t want to have braces, though? No problem, read on!

Dental braces have long been the accepted way to straighten teeth, but for some people the look of these braces can be off-putting, making them feel self-conscious about life’s normal functions such as speaking and smiling. Cleaning dental braces can also be difficult.

You still want your teeth straightened, but how can you do this without braces?

The most effective way to have your teeth straightened without using dental braces is a system of invisible braces known as Invisalign. This system uses a series of clear or see-through aligners to gently and gradually straighten your teeth. The aligners are removable, so you can easily take them out to brush your teeth, eat and drink. If you need to, you can also remove them for important work events or social occasions. For the most effective results, though, the aligners must be worn for 20 hours per day.

So how do I get Invisalign?

You should first arrange an orthodontic assessment with a specialist orthodontist who will thoroughly assess your teeth, bite and smile.

Can everyone have Invisalign?

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1999. Nearly all cases needing alignment can be treated with Invisalign. Your orthodontist will advise you on whether Invisalign is right for you based on your smile assessment.

My orthodontist has told me invisible braces are right for me. What happens next?

Orthodontists who perform a lot of Invisalign treatments will have a digital scanner which can take a 3D picture of your teeth in minutes. They use this image to plan a simulation of your treatment. It will tell you how many aligners you will need, how long the treatment will take and what your teeth will look like at the end. After this, your aligners are ordered. They are made using a 3D printer and usually take four weeks to arrive.

Starting your Invisalign treatment

The day you start your Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist will show you how to put your aligners in and how to take them out. You will also be given instructions on how to clean and care for your invisible braces.

Does it hurt?

One of the main benefits of straightening your teeth without using dental braces is that you won’t feel any pain. Invisalign aligners will feel a little tight for a day at the start but after that you won’t feel their presence.

How often can I change my aligners?

Aligners are usually changed at intervals between 7 and 14 days. Your change-over frequency will depend on how complicated your case is and how your teeth are responding to the treatment. Your orthodontist will advise you.

What if I don’t manage to wear my aligners often enough?

With Invisalign treatment, you are in control. If you don’t manage to wear your aligners for the recommended time, then don’t worry. The aligners you are currently using will need to be worn a little longer before you change over.

Want to straighten your teeth without dental braces? Yes

Want a clear, pain free alternative? Yes

Then go ahead and book an Invisalign consultation!

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