Tips to help with bad breath.

bad breath

We have all experienced the horror of finding out too late that we’ve been out and about, shaking hands and kissing babies with a mouth that smells like we’ve been sucking on a clove of garlic for a month. It’s the worst!

Here are some tips on how to avoid being pungent in public.

1: Brush your tongue

When things are getting a little furry in your mouth (say the morning after a particularly big night out when you have forgotten to clean your teeth before going to bed) make sure to give your tongue a gentle brush as well. This can help to clean off any residue from the night before and get rid of any lingering nasties that could cause unpleasant odours.

2: Hydrate after coffee

If you are a lover of a cup of coffee then chances are you may end up with some leftover aroma of your favourite roast in your mouth. Coffee lowers the level of pH in your mouth which can cause bad breath, so by drinking some water you can readdress the balance and avoid creating a great environment in which nasty bacteria can thrive.

3: Munch on mint

Mint in it’s most natural form is a pleasant and delicious mask for all kinds of scents. If you are feeling a little on the nose, chewing on some fresh mint or popping some in a long glass of water on a hot day can do wonders for your breath.

4: Keep hydrated

Make sure that you don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated as bacteria thrives on a dry environment. By keeping hydrated you will help to keep the nasties at bay and your breath as sweet as summer!