An insight into our Core Dental team member: Tania


At Core Dental we are proud of the passionate professionals who take care of every aspect of your visit. Highly qualified and committed to your comfort, our team are a varied and fascinating bunch. Read about Tania our Receptionist at Core Dental Wyndham who has been with us from the very start.

Q: When did you start with Core Dental?
A: May 2013

Q: What training did you do to get to this point in your career?
A: My Dental Assistant’s Certificate.

Q: What do you love about working with Core Dental?
A: The Dentists and staff and very easy going and lovely to work with.

Q: What does your ideal day off entail?
A: Relaxing and going shopping along with spending time with my family and friends.

Q: What is your top tip for teeth that you’ve learned during your time in dentistry?
A: Regular 6 monthly check up and cleaning to prevent issues such as fillings.

You can find Tania at Core Dental Wyndham.