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Thanks to our team of dentists, specialists and hygienists, Core Dental Group is able to provide a wide range of dental solutions. All our practitioners are members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA), as well as a range of other specialised associations and study groups.

Our practitioners are supported by a team of receptionists, managers and nursing staff. Your individual case will benefit from our systems of peer review and treatment planning, to guarantee optimum care.


Dr Kristina Cakarovski

Principal Dentist - Wyndham BBiomed (Hons) (Melb), BDent (Hons) (Syd)

Dr Jacques Theron

Principal Dentist - Carrum Downs BChD (Pret)

Dr Scott Krause

Principal Dentist - Southbank DDS (LLU)

Dr Tina Ledger

General Dentist BDS (Hons) (UK)

Dr Alysha Soltys

General Dentist BBiomed (Melb), DDS (Melb)

Dr Ming Nam Fa

General Dentist BOHDSc, GradDipDent (Griff)

Dr Kiran Jawanda

General Dentist BOH, GDipDent (Griff)

Dr Tristan Balthazaar

General Dentist BSc (Melb), BBiomedSc (Melb), DDS (Melb)

Dr Stephanie McManus

General Dentist BBiomed (Melb), DDS (Melb)

Dr Steven Ross

General Dentist BDS (Glas)

Dr Lucy Burchall

General Dentist BHSc (Dent), MDent (La Trobe)

Dr Ryan Sherry

General Dentist BDS (Glas)

Dr Sindhu Parthasarathy

General Dentist BBiomed (Melb), DDS (Melb)

Dr Lisa Li

General Dentist BDSc (Hons) (Melb)

Dr Kelly Chau

General Dentist BDS (Adel)

Dr Andrea Arenas

General Dentist BDS, ADC cert

Dr Marina Ghobrial

General Dentist BHSc (Dent), MDent

Dr Oren Bernhart

General Dentist BDS (JCU)

Dr Anchal Verma

General Dentist BDS(Adel)

Dr Laura Bromham

General Dentist BDS (JCU)

Dr Shazia Naser-ud-Din

General Dentist PhD (Orth), MSc (UCL), MOrth RCSEd, BDS, CFD, DPHDent, DCPSP-HPE, FICCDE

Dr Greg Tilley

Specialist Endodontist BDSc (Melb), LDS (Vic), FRACDS, MRACDS (Endo)

Dr Charmaine Hall

Paediatric Dentist BDSc (Melb), DClinDent (Melb), MRACDS (Paed)

Dr Heshani Kellapatha

Paediatric Dentist BDS (Adel), BScDent (Hons), DClinDent (Melb)

Dr Steve Bajada

Specialist Orthodontist BDSc. (WA), MDSc. and MDS (Adel), FICD

Dr Ed Karim

Specialist Orthodontist BDS, BDSc (Hons), DClinDent (Ortho)

Dr David Austin

Specialist Orthodontist BDSc (Melb), MDS Orth (HK), MOrth, RCS (Edin)

Dr Yana Itskovich

Specialist Orthodontist BOHDentSci, GradDipDent (Griffith), FRACDS (GDP), DClinDent (Otago), MOrthRCS (Edin), MRACDS (Orth)

Dr Nupur Kataria

Periodontist BDS (Adel), Doctorate Clinical Dentistry (Perio) (Adel)

Mr Brent Smart

Dental Prosthetist Adv.Dip.DentPros (Melb)

Hygienists / Therapists

Jacinta Aquilano

Dental Hygienist and Therapist BOH (La Trobe)

Chatelle Wehi

Dental Hygienist and Therapist BOH (La Trobe)

Sandy Kaur

Dental Hygienist and Therapist BOH (Griff)

Lauren Crow

Orthodontic Dental Therapy BOH (La Trobe)

Skye Beanham

Dental Hygienist ADOH (RMIT)

Tara Harrison

Dental Hygienist ADOH (RMIT)

Belinda Smithwick

Dental Hygienist ADOH (RMIT)


Alana Beck

Group Nursing Manager

Joanne Foxford

Senior Nurse

Michelle Clancy

Senior Nurse

Vanessa Lacey

Senior Nurse


Rikki Lucas

General Manager

Christine Hayman

Operations Manager

Michelle Harrison

Group Practice Manager

Chantelle Clark

Group Practice Manager

Emily Pitcher

Human Resources Manager


Jaden Lee

Senior Receptionist

Loredana Rischitelli

Senior Receptionist

Jade Webb

Senior Receptionist

We’re proud of our support team of receptionists and dental assistants, who are always on hand to make your experience more comfortable.

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