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Who is sleep dentistry suitable for?

First, let’s start off with answering the question of what sleep dentistry is. Sleep dentistry, also know as sedation dentistry, is a method of sedation that allows patients to receive dental treatment in a comfortable way. It induces a drowsy dreamlike state, making patients more relaxed and generally with no memory of the procedure afterwards. You are still able to respond to questions during your procedure, and a specialist anaesthetist will monitor you the whole time to ensure your wellbeing and comfort.

We understand that a lot or people feel apprehensive about going to the dentist so we strive to do everything we can to make each of our patients as comfortable as possible during their treatment with us.

Who can have sleep dentistry?

As long as your dentist deems you medically well, sleep dentistry is suitable for anyone, and is suitable for any dental procedure. To make sure you are medically well enough to receive sleep dentistry, you will be assessed by a dentist. The anaesthetist will also confirm your suitability prior to the procedure.

Patients who might benefit from sleep dentistry are those who:

  • Have a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist
  • Have suffered traumatic dental experiences in the past
  • Dislike the sounds and smells associated with dentistry
  • Have an involuntary gag reflex or struggle to keep their mouth open for long periods of time
  • Need to undergo a long treatment or multiple treatments/extractions at once
  • Have difficulty achieving numbness
  • Have a fear of needles

Sleep dentistry can give you peace of mind and take away some of the stress of getting dental treatment.

If you have any concerns about receiving dental treatment or just want to know more about sleep dentistry give our team a call, or be sure to ask your dentist about it next time you come in for a check up.

COVID-19 Information